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Anyway Travel Pass FAQs

Please note the following information before buying an AnyWay Travel Pass:

  • The AnyWay Travel Pass is non-refundable.
  • A change of date or flight route (rerouting) is not possible.
  • Passengers are solely responsible for ensuring that they are in possession of all the necessary documentation for their trip.
  • Passengers must ensure that they have all the necessary documentation to be able to change flights at our hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna or Zurich.
  • The AnyWay Travel Pass service desk is open Monday to Sunday between 12p.m. and 8p.m. (CET) daily.
  • Email: anywaytravel.scandinavia@dlh.de
  • Denmark: +4535158574
  • Norway: +4767793919
  • Sweden: +46363303808

Do you have any questions? We’re be happy to help! Just drop us an email or give us a call.

Please note:

Anyway Travel Pass FAQs:

  • What is the AnyWay Travel Pass?
    The AnyWay Travel Pass is a new, time-limited offer for passengers who can be flexible about the length and routing of their journey.
  • Can I choose my destination and date?
    Yes. As with a standard flight booking you can choose your departure airport, destination and travel date. Take Hong Kong as an example: The available travel period is 28.10.2018 - 31.03.2019. You could choose, say, 02.11.2018 as the day of your flight, provided that there are still AnyWay Travel Passes available for this date.
  • Can I choose the precise departure time?
    No. We reserve the right to shape the itinerary individually on the date you have chosen. This enables us to make the AnyWay Travel Pass price as attractive as possible.
  • Will I be able to travel on my chosen date?
    Yes. We guarantee that we will fly you to your chosen destination on your chosen date. However, depending on the departure time, you may arrive on the following day.
  • Will I have to change flights?
    Direct flights cannot be guaranteed, but you will have no more than one transfer at one of our hubs, namely Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna or Zurich. Please note that you cannot break your journey and stay at any of these transit locations.
  • Where can I start my journey?
    Your journey must start in either Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo or Copenhagen.
  • Where can I fly to?
    The destinations we offer are Delhi, Mumbai, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Nairobi, Beijing, Cairo, Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg and Tehran.
  • How much does the AnyWay Travel Pass cost?
    The price per AnyWay Travel Pass is:
    Connection Copenhagen
    Bangkok 1599 2199 1999 2199
    Beijing 1599 2199 2199 2199
    Cairo 899 1099 1499 1099
    Cape Town 1999 2499 2999 2499
    Delhi 1349 1899 1999 1899
    Dubai 1199 1499 1699 1499
    Hong Kong 1599 2199 2199 2199
    Johannesburg 1799 2199 2499 2199
    Mumbai 1349 1899 1999 1899
    Nairobi 1599 2099 2199 2099
    Sao Paulo 2399 2999 2999 2999
    Shanghai 1599 2199 2199 2199
    Singapore 1599 2499 2499 2499
    Tehran 899 1499 1699 1499
    Tel Aviv 899 1099 1299 1099
    Per direction regardless of date, airline or routing.
    Please note that for return journeys it is necessary to purchase two travel passes in one transaction.
  • How many AnyWay Travel Passes will I need?
    You need one per person for the outbound flight and one per person for the return flight. The prices quoted are always for a one-way journey.
  • Do children get discounts on the AnyWay Travel Pass?
    No. Children and babies pay the same price as adults. Therefore please ensure that you buy a separate AnyWay Travel Pass for each family member travelling with you. This of course entitles even babies to their own seat so that you can all enjoy a comfortable journey.
  • Are the travel dates for the AnyWay Travel Pass restricted in any way?
    Yes. The AnyWay Travel Pass is exclusively for journeys in the following period 28.10.2018 - 31.03.2019.
  • Can I choose which airline I travel with?
    No. The airlines operating your flights will be either Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines or SWISS. This may mean, for example, that your outbound flight is with Lufthansa and your return flight with SWISS.
  • Are one-way flights possible?
    It is not mandatory to book a return flight. However one way flights are exclusively possible for travel commencement in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo or Copenhagen.
    Please note that for return journeys it is necessary to purchase two travel passes in one transaction.
  • Can I book an outbound and return flight?
    Yes, you can purchase two separate AnyWay Travel Passes, one for the outbound flight and one for the return flight. Please note that the AnyWay Travel Pass for your return flight must be purchased in the same transaction as the outbound flight.
  • Can I purchase AnyWay Travel Passes for other people travelling with me (e.g. family members or friends)?
    Yes. If you would like to purchase an AnyWay Travel Pass for a family member and/or friend travelling with you, simply select the total number of AnyWay Travel Passes required and complete the purchase. Please always bear in mind, however, that separate AnyWay Travel Passes are required in each case for the outbound and return flight.
  • I will be travelling with family or friends. Will we be on the same flights?
    Not necessarily. Wherever possible we will book you on the same flights. However, depending on the capacity on your chosen travel day, it may be that individual flight bookings for your group have to be made, so you may have varying departure and arrival times as well as different routings. Exception: we guarantee that for families with children under 18 years of age, all family members will be on the same flight.
  • What are the precise travel terms and conditions?
    The AnyWay Travel Pass cannot be rebooked and is non-refundable. You are entitled to take one piece of carry-on baggage up to a maximum of 8 kg and one case weighing up to 23 kg free of charge. The relevant baggage regulations of the airline concerned also apply. As soon as the routing and the carrier are confirmed, we will notify you about the relevant regulations. Please note: even if you are an HON Circle Member, Senator, Frequent Traveller or Star Alliance Gold Member, the AnyWay Travel Pass does not entitle you to a larger free baggage allowance or to take a free golf bag with you.
  • How and when will I get the ticket for my AnyWay Travel Pass?
    Our service desk will contact you by email no later than two days before your chosen departure day. This email will contain your booking reference and ticket number. It will also provide further information on your entire itinerary (flight details, routing).
  • Can you promise to send me my travel details earlier than two days before departure?
    No. So that we can offer you the best possible terms, we reserve the right to inform you of your final travel details no later than two days before departure.
  • Can I have my AnyWay Travel Pass refunded?
    No. The AnyWay Travel Pass is non-refundable.
  • Can I earn miles with the AnyWay Travel Pass?
    Yes. You will earn both bonus and status miles with the AnyWay Travel Pass. Please notice that award miles for Miles&More customers will be awarded according to bookingclass and distance.
  • Can I pay for the AnyWay Travel Pass with miles?
    No, payment with miles is not possible.
  • Can I use miles to upgrade to a higher travel class with the AnyWay Travel Pass?
    Yes. Upgrades with miles are possible to both Premium Economy Class and Business Class under the Miles & More program. The rules and regulations of the respective mileage program apply.